Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well the first week of 2011 is off to a good start. Rut and I have been working on a lot of the major details...the caterer, the photographer, accommodations...the list could go on and on. Thanks to the expert advice from my sister, Laura (who just celebrated her 5th Anniversary with Josue on NYE, congratulations!) and our newlywed friends Ashley and Kristi; we think we have made some great decisions! I can't wait to fill you in on more, but you will have to wait until the contracts are signed and deposits are made:)

Until then a bit more on our venue choice. Was the wedding going to be in Washington DC or MI? In the end Michigan won out as I really want Rut's family (who is traveling all the way from Thailand) to get to see where I grew up. Now this was to be the tricky part, by choosing Boyne we were also choosing to select our venue without an initial walk through. So, I immediately began to scour the Internet for locations that I was familiar with in the area, and believe me there are some beautiful locations, but nothing really fit all our requirements. Feeling a little discouraged, Rut made a phone call to our favorite local restaurant and just by chance the manager had just been to a beautiful wedding at a new yacht club on Lake Charlevoix. One recommendation, a phone call and a few emails later we had found our dream location!

Here are some pictures of our visit to Sommerset Point Yacht Club over Thanksgiving. I can't wait I think it will be beautiful in June!

domed ceiling with nautical compass design and chandelier

wall of windows that opens onto the deck overlooking
Lake Charlevoix

nautical themed bar
view of the docks from the deck

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  1. The venue looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait for your big day!